Primarily, I am an encourager. Encouraging others brings me great joy. I love seeing people developing their self-belief, their skills, their horizons. It is an honour to be part of someone’s journey to becoming more knowledgeable, more confident and more empowered.

As a profession, I teach. A complex, demanding job that is no longer soley about textbooks and rules, instead it compasses a world of pastoral care and self-development. It is about attitudes and compassion. It is about patience and humour. I love my job and I am good at it. The curriculum based subjects that I teach my students are French and Spanish, but I think they’d admit that teaching them to speak languages is only one aspect of what I teach and transmit in the classroom.

As a wife, I am a companion, support and friend to my long suffering husband who is as kind and strong as they come.

As a step-mother, I always aim to be a consistent and loving presence in my step-daughter’s life. An extra parent when needed who will encourage and support her through thick and thin so that she might become the woman that she is destined to be. I don’t always get it right. But who does?

As a daughter and a sister, I am loyal and honest. We are a supportive and open family who share and help each other in the traumas and joys of life. Family is my cornerstone.

As a friend, I gain strength and wisdom from my amazing sisterhood of friends, far and wide. Amazing women whom I respect and admire. I love them dearly and I always try to be the friend and confidant they need too what ever the weather.

As a writer, I am all of the above, expressing my passions and my fears. I always want to stand up for what I feel is right, but sometimes I know I must chose my battles wisely! I now realise that you can’t win them all! But I can try!



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