Be grateful for what you’ve got

She married her true soul mate.
The one she had been waiting for.
The one for whom she had turned down 
the others who'd come before.
As soon as she had met him,
she knew he was the one.
Despite initial reservations,
to his charms she did succumb.

'Be grateful for what you've got.'

Weekends travelling to see him,
to and fro on South West trains.
Lunch in child-friendly restaurants,
pushing the buggy through the rain.
One of two other females,
quite a challenging, complex game.
Hoping, helping, supporting,
though she found it a bit insane.
'Be grateful for what you've got.'
At the altar, on one condition
that her dad had asked him to accept,
'Don't make her wait for babies,
treat her right and don't neglect 
to remember all she does to raise 
your child whom she protects
from harm, often to her detriment
with no acknowledgment nor respect.'

'Be grateful for what you've got.'

But, no babies came, month after month
for the yo-yo, part-time mother.
Though sadness and confusion grew,
she kept on caring for another's
child who made the pain much worse,
Often she needed to recover
from the consuming visits of the child 
she'd promised to love forever.

'Be grateful for what you've got.'

The mounting grief would swell then ebb,
though she rarely complained of this feeling.
No, she didn't speak of the emptiness
left by her step-daughter's abrupt leaving.
The tension built as the couple tried 
for her own baby she dreamt of conceiving.
But when nothing happened time and time again
she spent her nights silently grieving.
'Be grateful for what you've got.'

Not many knew of this inner struggle
for each day she reapplied her smile.
Lipstick in place and hair done well,
no cracks to betray her trial.
She tackled life with positivity,
stayed busy, worked hard and with style.
But the secret stone in her solar plexus
was dragging her further into exile. 

'Be grateful for what you've got.'

Her marriage, by now heavy with struggle, 
burdened by guilt, grief and tension
hit a new and major crisis that 
rendered her bed bound with depression.
She'd spent years fighting to stay strong,
conquering fear and apprehension,
but crippled by anxiety, now she lay
staring at the ceiling of her bedroom.

'Be grateful for what you've got.'

Extreme exhaustion and panic attacks
are not a pleasant sight.
Frequent episodes could paralyse her
both day and through out the night.
Uncontrollable tears, pains and body shakes 
made her ashamed and gave her such a fright
that she wondered if she'd finally lost her mind, 
but though it was close, she hadn't yet, not quite.

'Be grateful for what you've got.' 

Slowly, the pills she took began to help.
The psychologist was essential too.
Together they rebuilt their marriage, 
acknowledging all the tests they had been through.
Step by step, she regained her strength,
searching for fresh hope in something new
that could help her once again feel positive,
not so sad, alone and blue.

'Be grateful for what you've got.'

Now when asked how she is getting on,
she speaks out more honestly.
It’s healthy to share the truth with others
not just a few friends and family.
It takes courage to speak of personal struggles,
through it we can gain such liberty.
But just be prepared to forgive that most 
infuriating phrase of complete stupidity,

'Be grateful for what you've got.'

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