I’ll sit here whilst you sleep

I'll sit here whilst you sleep
so you don't wake up alone.
I'll speak to you often or
every day on the phone.

I'll listen when you want to talk.
I'll not judge what you need to say.
I'll be calm when you're overwhelmed,
an anchor so you don't lose your way.

With my words I'll try to help heal you.
With your spirit mine walks too.
I'll hold your hand in silence
when weariness paralyses you.

Exhaustion is a daily challenge
as well as years of strain.
But don't you worry my brother,
I'll be right beside you in your pain.

We may be older, but you are still
my little brother whom I'll protect.
I wish I could right the wrongs for you, 
those years of bitter words and neglect.

I'm so proud of your integrity,
the honourable way you live.
I'll support you and encourage you,
acknowledging all that you regularly give.

We're kindred spirits you and I.
I hope you feel the same.
So when you need to weep and 
let go, please don't feel ashamed.

You will get better. I know it's hard
to trust this process has an end,
but bit by bit you will improve.
I see that you're already on the mend.

But until the day you feel like you.
I'll be right here by your side.
And though you feel so uncertain, 
I feel such a sense of pride.

I know it feels like two steps forward 
and then one giant leap back.
I'd move mountains if I could for you 
or trade places so I could take some flak.

Have faith, my brother and know that soon 
you'll be a new version of yourself.
But until that time tell me what you need,
I'll always be here to help.

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