My feet have lost weight!

The odd thing about a trauma,
I have recently come to learn,
is it's strange effects on one's body;
palpitations and funny turns.

Simple ordinary questions
such as troublesome 'How are you?'
are hard to honestly answer
without sounding like a loon.

My default, short, polite response
doesn't really cut the mustard.
No mention of the sudden shakes
that leave me confused and flustered.

I never non-nonchalantly describe,
whilst I guffaw and crack a joke,
how my legs, they feel like jelly
and I think my mind's been broke.

There's often pounding in my chest
and I feel a little queasy.
Having a normal, friendly chat
is no longer easy-peasy.

I spend my relaxation time
laying staring at the ceiling,
trying desperately to rid myself
of this crazy feeling.

These horrid, frightening attacks
were caused by a tremendous shock.
But the pills I have to pop each day 
do help an awful lot.

I'm starting to feel much better
as the days and weeks go by.
I can even wash the dishes
without a pause to have a cry.

I can have a conversation 
that's coherent and makes sense.
I no longer stare off into space
when I go out with my friends.

There are even several positives
to being in this state,
despite my healthy apetite,
I've lost a lot of weight.

Clothes that I'd 'grown out of'
now re-fit me like glove.
My oldest ripped and faded jeans
are worn with proud, rekindled love.

My feet are most surprising though
as my shoes are now like boats.
It turns out that my feet have shrunk,
my clown-like shoes are jokes!

My cheekbones are like razor blades.
Paris fashion week best watch out.
Ol' skinny feet might turn up next year
modelling a perfect pout.

Experiencing this major blip
has given me brand new skills.
Meditation really helps,
it's not just those little pills.

I know about a lot more things
like herbs and nutrients,
calming homemade vitamin shakes,
fruit smoothies and supplements!

In fact, I might retire to Spain
to start a health retreat.
I'll retrain as a yogi chief
with uber skinny feet.

I'll put this trauma to good use,
my rebirth now awaits.
So when someone asks me how I am,
I can truly say,'I'm great!'


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