My peloton of sisterhood

Dear God, I want to thank you for the woman I’ve become.
Although I’m far from perfect, I’m proud of how far I’ve come.
But I can’t take all the credit, I wasn’t on my own.
I’ve been guided, loved and reassured. I didn’t act alone.

The women I have around me, those I’m blessed to call my friends,
have been there close beside me and I hope, will be ’til the end.
Even at a distance, when not physically by my side,
I’m aware of their loving wisdom that’s my fuel when I am tired.

And boy, have I grown weary of the trials I’ve had to face,
I’ve wanted to admit defeat, give up this stupid race.
But stationed all around me in strategically placed positions
is my peloton of sisterhood, my network of ‘soul’ physicians.

Their strength, their courage, their wisdom is what’s kept me in the saddle.
My resilience I owe to them, especially when my mind’s been addled.
Providing a calm perspective as I’m head down through the mist,
they whisper quietly in my ear, ‘You can do it girl. You got this!’

My friends don’t have it easy. But then who really does?
It doesn’t stop them offering their patient, unyielding love.
They’ve helped me time and time again. Their words refresh my soul
when I’ve needed gentle honesty to inspire, stand tall, be whole.

Such empathy and warmth abounds. Their friendship keeps me going.
A living energy that circulates and through my veins continues flowing.
They listen without judgement and don’t belittle what I say.
Their words cut through my darkest fears and help to light my way.

They help decipher life’s cryptic codes and analyse mysteries.
Together we take ‘rough with the smooth’ and share our varied stories.
Friendship is a powerful tool and like food that nourishes the body,
the confidence gained from my female friends strengthens me on my journey.

Despite the layers and my bravest face, they know me inside out.
I don’t pretend or put on a show. That’s what friendship’s all about.
Often humour and a pinch of grace helps us put the world to rights.
Cynically laughing in the face of pain, we put up a damn good fight!

Comedians, psychologists, doctors and kindred spirits,
each one has helped to set me free when I’ve been pushed to my outer limits.
Yes God, my friends encourage me. We’ve laughed, rejoiced and cried.
Bless them God, as they’ve blessed me. Walk with them by their side.

We all have one pure common aim, to be the best that we can be.
Please God, cherish and protect these women that’ve so lovingly supported me.
Let our conversations regenerate us. Let us be vibrant, wise and kind.
And my friends, please know that when you’re out of sight, you are never out of mind.


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