The financial strain of IVF

There it goes right down the pan,
the best part of seven lousy grand.
It's such a waste. It's such a shame
to watch it trickle down the drain.

Add that to the other two rounds,
we've splashed out over twenty thousand pounds!
(Let's be clear that when I say 'we'
I'm talking about our whole family.)

My in-laws, my parents and of course us,
have all donated to our infertility farce.
It's a family investment I must say!
Without their help we'd struggle to pay.

I wasn't allowed any NHS assistance
despite completing forms and verbal persistence!
My husband has a child from a previous liaison,
so no help for me - such an unjust reason!

It's tough to take when you graft and pay tax,
help raise a child, creating a haven where she can relax.
This financial side has been so utterly complex.
(We spend our spare cash on my step child and his ex.)

This unfairness I used to find depressing,
but circumstance has taught me to be more accepting.
For many it's no different, life can be shitty.
We've each a different battle, ours is infertility.

It is a little shocking, how much we've collectively paid.
For most, kids are free, you just get jiggy and get laid!
But for us procreation hasn't quite gone to plan!
By now, we should have several, wailing in a pram! 

IVF, for us, hasn't been a great investment.
Zero return, I'd say, is a resounding disappointment!
Twenty thousand pounds in vain, still we're no closer
to solving this issue of no bread in my toaster!

This leads me to ponder how far we'd actually go
to have successful treatment to implant an embryo.
Our friends have sold their house and taken out huge loans
now they have a baby, but they've given up their homes!

But I'm not cut out for life that's potentially so tight budget.
Dabbling in bankruptcy? The risk is just not worth it.
Crikey, just think of life if we didn't have this problem.
What could we spend that money on? A fabulous conundrum!

A flashy little camper van or shares in a luxury yacht 
so that we could take off around the world to somewhere nice and hot.
But all that is beside the point, I'd just like a happy ending,
one where we have a healthy child and no more bonkers spending!


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