Here I stand

I admit defeat.

I’m lifeless, still

I’m incomplete.


My hands up

I surrender.

I can give no more

My heart’s too tender.


Head hung low

I close my eyes.

I think of all

That’s been sacrificed.


A silent cry

no tears to shed.

I’ve wept them all

inside I’m dead.


My heavy limbs

throb and ache.

I shuffle forward

and start to shake.


I give up,

I’m worn out.

So many scars

of fear and doubt


I can’t think,

no thought emerges

There’s nothingness,

no drive, no urges.


Then it happens,

exhaustion gives way

to the breaking dawn

of a brand new day.


Morning light,

sun on my skin.

I raise my head

to breathe it in.


A slow exhale

and the tension eases.

A cloudless sky

of summer breezes.


New promises

must take shape.

There’ll be fresh hope.

Release, escape.


I’ll re-emerge

from the gloom

a budding flower

about to bloom.


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