There’s nothing in there

Numb, undone, relief

Stunned disbelief 

Pounding chest, this isn’t real.

My mind’s a mess, so surreal.

Questioning resignation

Trembling devastation.

Pushing on, it’s an ordeal.

Must stay strong. Why so surreal?

Disillusion, feeling cheated.

Confusion, emotionally depleted.

Burning despair, this turmoil concealed

unjust and unfair, still so surreal.

Despondency, physical tension

virtual insanity and painful apprehension

Blotting out pain with nerves of steel

It’s happened again. It’s so surreal.

Isolation that stifles stillness

Desolation that fills emptiness

Battling growing nausea of life without appeal

Wrestling insomnia that’s suffocatingly surreal.

Hopelessness with nowhere to hide

Joylessness, dead inside.

Withering dreams flex and reel

A life slowly torn apart. It’s so surreal.

Oppression of suicidal darkness

Depression sees just a rotten carcass 

Clinging to hope. It’ll take time to heal

Finding strength to cope, hideously surreal.

Weariness, resonating shock

Tearfulness, escape route blocked

Gasping for air from this raw deal

A soul stripped bare. Just so surreal.

Desperation of limitless grief

Frustration of destroyed self belief

A silent voice unheard, shoulder still to the wheel

Searching for words, feels so surreal.


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