It takes two, me and you babe

Paper's no good without a pen,
nor a lock with out a key.
The moon wouldn't shine without the sun.
There'd be no flowers without bees.

The right shoe needs the left one.
And two bats, they need a ball.
One without the other 
isn't much good at all.

This process has been tough for us.
I'm grateful you're by my side.
Emotions aren't your forte love,
but I thank you that you've tried

To dig deep and encourage me,
to comfort me when I've cried.
You support me in many different ways
trying to keep our dream alive.

Without you I'd be like the lock, 
the paper or the pen.
I need your love to keep me strong.
Your words to keep me zen.

So thank you love for all you do
to steady us on our journey.
Without you and the support you give
I'd feel so scared and lonely.

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