Everyone else but me

Tall ones, short ones,

waddling about.

Big bellied, rotund young ones,

about to pop one out.


Ones in strappy vest tops,

gobbling fish and chips.

Ones who shop in Waitrose,

selecting humus dips.


Ones who look as pleased as punch,

patting their bulging tummies.

Ones who don’t seem to give a shit

at the cash machine withdrawing money.


Ones who always whitter on

about their pregnancy.

Others who barely say a word,

just comment occasionally.


Ones who seem to ambush me

as I’m walking down the street.

Around every God damn corner

there’s another one to greet.


Ones who blossom and ones that don’t.

Those that vomit, ache and sweat.

Ones whose skin is radiant

and look immaculate.


Ones who don’t even seem to care.

They treat it as a joke.

Oblivious to the gift of parenthood,

they drink and swear and smoke.


Ones who develop OCD.

They tidy everything.

Ones who end up so chilled out,

‘Who cares if nothing’s clean?’


Ones who have the names picked out.

Others who haven’t a clue.

Those that are so organised

there’s little left to do.


Ones who find me on the beach,

in teeny, bright bikinis.

They like to sit right next to me

with their beautiful, big, bold bellies.


Ones who are quite tactful

and others who really aren’t.

Ones who’ve been waiting just like me

or who’d previously thought they can’t.


Ones who didn’t even plan their child

and didn’t have to ‘try’.

Ones who’ve been bonking year on year

and had a sad monthly cry.


Ones who needed treatment

to help them to conceive.

Ones who had almost given up hope

and lost all self-belief.


Ones whose embryos started in a dish.

and paid £20,000 smackeroonies.

Those who’ve injected drugs and took pills

that made them feel like loonies.


Ones who have a story to tell,

they’ve been blessed with a miracle.

Those who’ve waited patiently

and have become a little cynical!


And me? Well, I’m still standing firm

whilst life goes on around me.

The day will come when I’ll move on too,

a new era in which I’ll break free.


So I await my turn to escape this test

that has lasted an eternity.

I’ll be the one who persevered,

who defeated infertility!


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