Coffee vs. Herbal tea

She advised me to cut out caffeine.

Avoiding coffee would be best.

I’d paid a fair whack to see her,

So I nodded, agreeing ‘Yes.’


“Coffee can affect your hormones.”

She went on to say.

I pictured my favourite mug and in it,

my first soothing fix of the day.


Sadly as I listened,

I silently said goodbye

to the occasional treat at Starbucks

that would give me a caffeine high.


I’m not a caffeine addict.

I don’t drink it all that much.

But it’s helpful when you’re tired

especially after lunch.


“Your body must be balanced.

You must try to keep it calm.

That means avoiding toxins

that can actually cause some harm.”


What she said made sense to me.

I’m serious about this task.

No more café lattes

or sweet tea in a picnic flask.


“Make the switch to herbal.

There are so many lovely teas

that’ll supplement your treatment and

assist your fertility.”


“They’ll help you stay hydrated.

Delicious and natural,

you’ll enjoy them and they’re healthy.

Let’s take hot drinks to another level!”


I was there for many reasons.

I needed her sound advice.

And this nutritionist was thorough,

professional and nice.


So off I popped to Waitrose

to browse the herbal teas.

I loved the pretty packages

designed to tempt and please.


I took out a second mortgage

and loaded my basket up,

daydreaming of the herbalness,

no more caffeine in my cup!


I’m now a total convert.

I have cupboards full of tea.

If I ever went on Mastermind

it would be my speciality.


Ask me any question.

I can tell you which teas are best.

Which ones will help to perk you up

and which ones are good for rest.


If you want to sleep,

there’s Valerian, Lavender and Mint.

The latter is antibacterial

if your bottom starts to stink!


Lemon balm and St Johns Wort

can help you combat stress.

Ease your worries by drinking tea.

Gulp it down if you are depressed!


Heal yourself with Licorice Root.

Boost your mood and clean your liver.

Fennel is also really good

for heartburn after dinner.


Feeling sick? Have Lemon tea

and grate in some fresh Ginger.

For an extra twist add honey and rum

Drink it hot if you like, in winter.


In the mood for making love?

Rooibos and Ginseng’s great!

So too is a cheeky Cinnamon tea.

Try them now. Why wait?


Hibiscus is used for losing weight

Full of minerals and vitamin C,

I have it with some cinnamon

and spiced apple. It’s quite lovely.


There are some that say

Red Raspberry tea can even induce labour.

Perhaps consult your doctor first

if you really like that flavour!


There are more I haven’t mentioned yet

like nettle and cardamom.

So it’s tough to choose a favourite tea,

but in the mornings I do have just one.


Fresh Lemon and grated Ginger tea

with sweet Aniseed and Fennel,

brewed in my lovely china pot,

is so zingy, but still quite gentle.


I confess, I have a cheeky mug

of coffee from time to time.

But on the whole I’m a herbal girl.

I think they taste sublime.


So what’s your tipple? Your favourite tea?

Let me know the one.

I’ll make the perfect blend for you,

like a cocktail. It’ll be such fun!


As you see I’m a complete tea freak.

Come round and share a brew.

I’ll pop the kettle on right now.

I bet I can convert you too!


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